About us

What we stand for

Uniplaces is building a trusted, global brand for students. We believe in empowering student mobility and we have started by making the process of finding accommodation easier. We’re solving real life pains and we’re backed by top tier investors such as Atomico, Octopus Investments, Shilling Capital Partners and Caixa Capital to help us achieve this better and faster.

We are an internationally minded company with an extremely talented team and global ambitions. Our decisions are driven by our core values of Passion, Impact, Trust and Team Spirit - with which we aim at having a company where everyone feels accountable and empowered to achieve their full potential.

Culture, Mission & Values

Passion Drives us.
Created with Sketch. Impact Guides us.
Normal photo 1519842501 Collaboration We're in this together.
Trust We build trust.

Perks & Benefits

  • Working with world class talent
  • Employee discounts
  • Health insurance and meal tickets
  • Daily access to co-working space
  • Monthly drinks
  • Company dinners and events

Lisbon - the home of Uniplaces

Become an Alfacinha!

 "Lisbon is full of talented people, the tech scene was and still is very strong here, so for an online business this was a great advantage. There is no better way to attract international people than inviting them to visit the office and the city. An office full of enthusiastic people and a city as charming as Lisbon are hard to resist" (Miguel Santo Amaro, Co-Founder)

Lisbon’s talent pool keeps on growing. Do you want to be a part of this?

Ok, let's add up some more reasons:

  • Number of sunny days in year! To be more accurate, 1500 hours per year, which is about three times more sun duration than in the northern half of Europe during Winter!
  • Amazing beaches 20 mins away. Don't believe us? Do some research and look what we have to offer!
  • Worldwide English speakers. As Lisbon is becoming global, you can meet people from all over the world! Just Uniplaces has around 16 nationalities!
  • Next European Tech City. From Web summit to dozens of tech hubs popping in Lisbon, the attention (and pressure!) is to Portugal to become the big next tech city!
  • Quick to fly everywhere! One side the Atlantic Ocean, the other side Europe, your choice!
  • Cool and cheap! Not only the weather is nice, but the food is nice and the people are nice. And guess what? Amazing cost of living!

how we hire

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Application screening followed by a possible screening video call.
If your profile matches the open position and is what we're looking for we will reach out to you to kick off the recruitment process.
Application screen and match it to open positions. If your profile is what we are looking for, we will reach out to you to kick off the recruitment process
Online interview with the Team Leader/ Manager and/or Talent Acquisition Team and potential teammates.
Online and/or on-site interviews, where you will meet the People & Culture team (first point of contact), followed by the Team Leader / Manager and potential teammates.
Depending on the position you are applying for, the final step of the interview process will include a test task. This will provide us with a better idea of how you work if you were to join the Uniplaces team.
Depending on the position you are interviewing for, the final step of the interview process will be a test task! This will allow us to get more data on how you would work IRL if you joined Uniplaces.
The recruitment process can take an average of 4 weeks depending on the position. We take our time to ensure that through our set hiring standards and in depth recruitment process both you and Uniplaces are a good cultural fit.
It can take some time to go through all the steps (around 4 weeks average, depending on the position). This is because we believe that a thorough Recruitment process is the first step for both you and Uniplaces to be sure that we are the right match, and that we are holding true to our hiring standards as we grow.